Thursday, February 25, 2010

Vermont and Nuclear Energy

While everyone else is talking about the health care summit today I thought I'd bring up a little known story from today's WSJ about the State Senate of Vermont refusing to extend the license of their nuclear facility. Apparently there may be a leak in a pipe and some chemical may come close to their water supply.

This strikes me as a little odd since their power usage must be fairly low and they can't have too many electrical facilities from which to buy power. Taking that entire plant off line would seem to present another problem Why can't they just fix the leak, if there really is one and if it truly is dangerous.

I guess I wouldn't be surprised to hear that Howard Dean had something to do with the State Senate/government being in that position and could stop any action on the part of the facility. It will be interesting to watch especially in view of Obama now supporting nuclear power.

It started me thinking that we've already paid for the Consumers Midland nuclear plant or however much of it was finished before they pulled the plug. Can't help wondering if it was put in mothballs or bulldozed. I'm thinking someone should be investigating the status of that thing and see if we can't get it going. Seems to me the permits should be or could be updated--

Maybe there's a silver lining in there somewhere--
God bless.........

ps-I worked in the kitchen with the little TV on today and heard the Prez have to backtrack on a couple of his statements. And more than one person wondered why this kind of discussion hadn't taken place a long time ago. Also, when he ragged on John McCain and pointed out that the election was over I couldn't believe my ears. He has been in election mode since way before his own primary and general, non-stop. Who is he trying to kid?


Campervan Queenstown said...

Just pulling the plug without the recommendation of the overseeing safety departments and organizations is rather suspicious! If this is true, then the city may be thinking of anothe scheme to make the taxpayers spend on a new power plant!

Anonymous said...

I will begin first, with a little intellectual honesty,By stating here, that the "opions" I state here... are simply That; and Have been arrived at through 35+ years of Personal Experience and Observation; in Manufacturing, Business, and Education.

I have Enjoyed Defending/Debating my opinions, Respectfully, With those who Differ..and will continue to to do so; until proven wrong by "Empiracle Evidence" to the Contrary!

I believe that the Question(s) (Yes, there are actualy Many Involved...That can provide Fodder much Discussion/Debate...); Can best be answered, by asking another one...

(Inserting Tongue in Cheek here!)...Can Anyone here Say E.P. A.???

I believe that the they exist today..and are being posed here...Are the Direct Result of 35+ years of Opressive, Arbitrary, and Misguided OVER-REGULATION...By one of the Most Corrupt and Ineffective Federal Beaurocracies Ever Created!!

That...Which has been Accompanied and fueled by 35+years of Equally Misguided "Environmental Activism",and the Not-In-My-Backyard Mindset; Have rendered All such Projects "UNVIABLE" from a purely "Commercial Standpoint"!!!

If Anybody thinks the situation is Bad Now...Just Wait until They succede in Passing the "Cap-And-Trade" Legislation that is currently Pending...It (In My Humble Opinion)will make this whole "Healthcare Fiasco" look like a Very Small Blip on the Horizon!!

If you Dont Agree; I will happily Respect your Opinion and Pray for You!

If, by chance you DO...Please Remember to VOTE...It is the Only Hope We Have Left as "Responsible Citizens"!!!