Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tea Party Agreement

If we don't want to have a repeat of the 1992 Perot type split resulting in a Clinton presidency, we need to come to a meeting of the minds. Within the past week I have heard comments ranging from expressions of "we need to do whatever they want us to do because they are much stronger than we are" to "they will destroy the Republican party."

In my humble opinion we need to come to an agreement which will make both of us and the country as a whole stronger and better for the effort.

I don't know where the legitimacy will come from, but the conversation has to end up with an agreement that if we disagree on a candidate from any given district, we should both put up our candidates in the Republican primary. In that way we will do what we have always done, join together as a strong unit for the general election.

It has always been our position that if a Republican is conservative on all issues other than life, we still vote aye since the Democrats recognize only pro abortion candidates. I know there are exceptions, but not enough to negate the general rule.

Again, I'm asking for comments here since the Michigan Republicans are teleconferencing and I'm hopeful that we can come to some kind of agreement on the issue.

Speaking of comments, since I do read the WSJ daily, I remember the original piece on Brazil offshore drilling that I wrote about. The question I had was whether or not there was an agreement not to sell any oil product to the U. S. I appreciate the efforts today. Thanks.

Obama is up to his old format. Give a speech, talking down to the audience as though they don't understand the issue and have no common sense. Did he really think he had to explain PayGo? He sure has a low opinion of the average American.

Time to rest-
God bless.........

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