Thursday, February 4, 2010

Marshal Plan or Nation Building--

I get just a bit bent out of shape when the liberals have a fit about nation building in Iraq.

When I think of what it cost this country in resources of all kinds, but especially over 400,000 young men and women's lives, plus putting the world back together again after WWII, it boggles the mind to think of what the liberal isolationists would have had to say about that.

That contribution then and apparently for eternity in the form of the Okinawa air base and defense of Japan and other Asian countries when they don't even want it really irritates the heck out of me. If we pull out of that place we could save a whole bunch of money. That job is done. So what if we make life better for the Iraqis, especially the women? That is minuscule compared to other reparations we have made. And we can actually see it happening.

As, incidentally, can the Iranians. We should be giving moral support to the young protesters, not thumbing our noses at their efforts.

And for some of the younger readers out there may I point out that the Marshall Plan made it possible for the German and Japanese industrial base to use modern methods of manufacturing with environmentally sound practices built in. Then guess what happened in the early 80s. The U.S. with OSHA and EPA running amok mandated that American industry needed to adhere to their standards with millions and millions of dollars put into non-productive budgets for air and water quality regulations.

Result? No funds available for Research and Development and ordinary modernization in a timely fashion was instead fast tracked and our last major recession was the result. Now Cap and Trade is going to do the same thing. It seems some of those people in Washington will never learn. I heard it called the "Copenhagen Syndrome" the other day. Well, it sure is making me sick.

Today I heard a very wise man say that the words and ideas we express are like seeds that grow wherever they are heard. Made me think that this post should be a lot more positive, but in this political climate that is so much easier said than done.

Enough for now-
God bless........

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