Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Midweek Random Thoughts

Well, let's have another "duh!"

After about a half dozen stories about Obama mispronouncing "corpsman" as corpse man with the subsequent criticism of the folks who put things on his teleprompter and not giving him a heads up on phonetic pronunciation, hasn't it occurred to any of those pundits that that is part of the problem? He has surrounded himself with people who feel the same way he does about the military and wouldn't have a clue.

And how about the letter to the Ed of the Cit Pat last week blaming the Supreme Court for the unfair advantage by corporations and lack of knowledge ordinary or average people have about the candidates for whom they vote. Dear Betsy suggested having them take an exam.

May I point out that there is a responsibility on the part of voters to educate themselves on the candidates? That it means more than just listening to or reading ads. May I suggest it isn't that difficult to pick up the phone and ask questions. (Any candidate who has an unlisted number should be stricken from your list of potential votes.) How about attending public forums where questions can be submitted? Watch and listen to television and radio panel discussions. On the candidate's website you will always find a "contact" key. Other than that you may frequently find written position papers authored by the candidate. One of the best ways is to look at previous voting records of anyone who has held office before. (Unless publicly repudiated that usually constitutes a reliable pattern.)

I'm sure anyone can find just about any information they believe important, but just remember "Democracy is not a spectator sport." And before I forget, corporations are no less representative of their stockholders than unions are of their membership.

Tomorrow is another day--
God bless..........

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Biden is unstoppable with stupidity. His latest one is the amazing comment today that the Iraq war is one of this adminstration's greatest achievements. The war was settled under the Bush adminstration. This did Obama, who did nothing but hinder the war effort, a big favor