Saturday, February 6, 2010

Who Me? Talk About Football?

Just when you think there is no common sense left in Washington or Lansing and that's as bad as it gets, it gets worse.

How can guys who own football teams--you know, the ones who had to have been smart enough to be successful businessmen and women in order to accumulate the money to buy into a team--

plus the guys who somehow got through college, making me think they have some smarts as well--

put themselves in the position of the baseball saga of a few years ago?

There can be no winners in this if they think that by denying guys who are gaga about football their weekly, and in some cases more often, fix, they can come out ahead.

Those players who think they are idols for kids from 10-100 years old will be sorely disappointed if they take themselves out of the equation. It will be just like quitting smoking or drinking. Once viewers have gone a year without Pro football, even if they lapse and go back to watching, it will never be the same.

Not only that, players will be another year older when or if they return. Bodies do age, you know. Memories are short and during that year their audience will have found some other interest areas and may never return to the game.

This will not be lost on advertisers.

My advice, they'd better figure out some way to save face and save the season or the remotes will be in the hands of the feminine householders for a long time to come.

Think about it--
God bless...........

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Anonymous said...

Former Alaskan mayor Sarah Palin has a way of putting Obama in his place. Remember her comment at the GOP convention, "A mayor is sort of better than a community organizer." In her speech tonight she asked in regard to the annointed one, "How's that hope-y, change-y stuff working out for you?" The whole speech came off super.