Monday, February 15, 2010

Olympics, or Dog Show?

Had to tape the dog show--it will take less time to watch without commercials. There is nothing like watching the poetry in motion on the ice and then go scooting over to the snowboarding. They're both enjoyable, but going from the sublime to the ridiculous is not that much of a stretch.

You can go days without missing a thing if the TV set isn't turned on and then here we go with a couple of good things back to back. Oh, well-that's life.

And speaking of life, you gotta wonder how some people come up with their priorities. Especially when you're dealing with the Catholic Church.

We have a world that is falling apart at the seams with friction everywhere, people dying from natural and man made disasters and our Bishops have been hard at work updating the wording of the missal.

I seem to remember the days after WWII when there must have been a gazillion prayers said through the next forty years until the Berlin Wall came down. Those prayers were for the conversion of Russia. Now, instead of asking for the prayers of the millions and millions of Catholics in the world and perhaps asking for all of the Christians to join us, we're editing a prayer book which was last changed in 1975.

We have a country where Christian kids are not allowed to refer to their God in the public schools and merchants are afraid to put up religious displays for fear of offending agnostics or atheists. Add that same attitude in Europe and then throw in the killing done in the name of Allah and we should all be down on our knees.

Don't mean to preach, but someone has to start somewhere--
God bless........

ps-As soon as I get my friend Tomoko to translate last night's comment, I'll share it with you.

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