Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Psychology Part II

Last week when we talked about why the President is always critical of anyone who doesn't agree with him and/or blames George W for any problem he has, we looked at his childhood when it would be obvious that anyone whose father visited him only a couple of times before his mother divorced and remarried, then he was living in a foreign country where no doubt he felt he didn't measure up due to problems with language or whatever else went with that new territory and ultimately was sent away, there would be obvious consequences.

One can see clearly that when living with his grandparents who would certainly have wanted to make up to him for his early years, they would bend over backward to make him feel wanted and to feel good about himself. This probably started the compensation which brought him to think that he could do no wrong.

Actually this is kind of a mixed up scenario. To move from a position of inferiority to one of superiority has to be one heckuva mind game, but apparently anyone who praises him and plays the game will have his undivided loyalty. It's no wonder he is now looking down on anyone who disagrees with him and he must be in a quandary as to why the people who voted for him are not being loyal.

When we look at the Czars and others surrounding him we shouldn't be surprised at anything that comes from the White House. AND, if anyone really thinks he will do anything but pay lip service to his "invitation" toward bi-partisanship, they have a problem.

Be careful on the roads if you have to travel-
God bless...........

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