Monday, February 8, 2010


Now everyone is all warped out of shape about the fact that Social Security, for the first time, is sending out more than it is getting in from workers. Well, duh!

They and their predecessors have just spent it instead of holding it for its originally intended purpose.

For the six years as 6th Vice Chair-Senior Issues, I traveled the state and talked about the history of Social Security and what had always been considered the third rail of politics. That was from 1998 to 2004 and George W also tried to make folks think about how to solve the upcoming problem, but the Dems wouldn't do anything but accuse him of furthering privatization. And now I'll just bet there is going to be a whole lot of finger pointing by them at guess who--us.

With Mike Rogers coming to Jackson for Lincoln Day I'm reminded that in his first campaign I accompanied him to Senior Centers and made the presentation. I'm hoping there are still people around who remember the material. I'm thinking I should get it out again. But we need to do more than say "I told you so."

A couple of other points:

1) The fact that Obama is issuing an invitation to Republicans to join in the health care discussion is ample proof that they weren't welcome before. Just watch his language.

2) We ought to suggest to our legislators that they take as much time as possible in working through health issues. In that way we might be able to delay discussions on Cap and Tax (Trade) for as long as possible.

Get your snow shovels and boots out--
God bless........

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Anonymous said...

Did our most eloquent president really say that he has been in 57 of the 58 states.