Sunday, February 7, 2010

Long Term Goals

It may be just a dream for me, but if enough people put their minds to it, we should be able to solve our money problems and get a 2 for 1 bonus if we can just get the votes to accommodate drilling for oil in our own country.

I'm hearing about areas inland as well as offshore which would give us at least 100 years worth of that black gold.


The costs of anything made with oil would go down,
Transportation costs of products delivered over the road would go down,
We'd have more money in our own pockets if we could control pump prices,
Public transportation costs including air would go down,
The law of supply and demand would benefit all oil users world wide,
Jobs associated with the oil industry would go up,

With these savings the country as a whole would be better off with that old adage:
"A rising tide lifts all boats" being felt by all citizens.

The government could quit borrowing, the debt and deficit would decrease and once we are self-sufficient we could envision a balanced budget now and later.

Only one thing stands in the way: A Congress that bends to the will of special interest groups such as environmentalists plus the propensity for earmarks. We can no longer stand for building airports with public monies which have only two flights per week.

I'm thinking there would be a lot of squealing by EPA, OSHA, Sierra Club and others, but let's face it. We have learned to recycle and save resources and it makes sense to continue. Most of us realize that most rich people are rich because they don't throw their money away.

Maybe this will be a positive week for a change--
God bless.......

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Anonymous said...

The shifty one in the White House is luring the Republics into a discussion in Blair House on health Care. Let's avoid the trick of letting Obama stand front and center like he did in the last discussion. It was like a press conference where Obama did the most talking and Republicans reduced to asking questions. If Obama wants a fair discussion let him sit at a round table and let others share equal time and status.