Thursday, February 18, 2010

And a Good Time Was Had By All-

Walked in the house from attending the Jackson County Lincoln Day Event a few minutes ago and need to unwind. It is always so energizing to hear that you're not the only one thinking that we need to be strong militarily, that we should be thinking about the burden we are in danger of leaving for our future generations, that we are just about to change the 85% of the population who happen to be satisfied with their medical service and coverage for the 15% who aren't or don't have any coverage and depend on the ER. And in the end there will still be the same number of people with no coverage as there are now.

As for the debt, our speaker Cong. Mike Rogers reminded us that President Obama and his Congress have tripled the amount which in his one year time span equals more than all of the other Presidents combined--including Bush. What a feat.

Cong. Rogers told the story of WWII vets now 77, 78 and 79, going to Bastogne to visit their battleground. There were present some people in their late 60s who were children hiding in basements at the time and with whom the American soldiers shared their rations and gave dry socks. "This is what the American military does." And this what they are still doing halfway across the world. We need to be proud of the young men and women who represent us in all service areas. The greatest generation continues through the present day.

Most statewide candidates attended, Sharon Wise-State Deputy Party Chair, and all but two local candidates.

Awards were given to Sheriff Dan Heyns for Republican of the Year, Ray and Debbie Snell for the Haskell and Mary Nichols Award and Leland Prebble for the Hazel Melon Award. We try to surprise these folks and this year I can truly say that each recipient was dumbfounded.

Looking forward to spring-
God bless............

ps- (Friday morning) Cong. Mike also shared that this so-called bipartisan meeting was called yesterday to look over the presentation of the Democrat plan today and take action on it. I have this vision of each reader's eyebrows being raised, a questioning look on your faces and uttering under your breath "You've got to be kidding."

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