Friday, February 12, 2010

"At Some Level We Are All Just Statistics--"

You can make up whatever parallels you want, but at this point in time I'm thinking this entire country can be likened to a giant chess board with Obama as the King, and only a few knowing who the Queen, who has more power than anyone else, really is. And then the above quote can put all of us in categories we would not choose for ourselves. I'm not sure I like it, but it made an impression on me when I read it last week.

I'm thinking all those people who say they don't vote because all politicians are alike are finally seeing the true differences. Things are happening that only the voters can stop.

And on top of that I'm thinking that the most effective yard signs, billboards, bumper stickers and other "advertising" will be similar to the international signs that are circles edged in red with a corresponding red slash through some word or words meaning NO. Such as Socialism, Cap & Trade, Obamacare or any other issue that will help kill the economy and our freedoms.

I don't mind belonging to the "Party of No" if it means stopping this President and his administration.

Watch the Winter Olympics-
We all need a little escape time-
God bless............

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Anonymous said...

The Washington Post is reporting that Obama is setting up the bipartisan summit by invitation. He is going to be the moderator. So much for any level playing field. The Republicans should reject all of the invitations since there are too many heavyweights from the Democrats, like Pelosi and Reid. If he is going to invite someone from Michigan why not Hoekstra rather than Camp?