Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mackinac Center Blog and Capitol Confidential

This is the second time I've mentioned this, but I would like to reiterate that this is now a daily entry into what is going on all over the place.

It seems Gov. Granholm disrespects the Mack Center, laughing and scoffing at the mere mention of the think tank which, if she had taken just a couple per cent of their advice it may have made a positive difference for all of us. Shame on her.

Our local columnist, Brad Flory, really told it like it is when describing her last foray into raising taxes on doctors because "they are rich" or words to that effect. Brad observes how much it costs in time and resources to become a doctor and also that they have the wherewithal to just pack up and leave if the taxes are prohibitive compared to other places.

Wonder if that is the legacy she wants to leave. "Governor Granholm responsible for less and less medical service to Michigan citizens" might be a great headline for her, but it surely does no good for the rest of us.

What can she be thinking? If she's thinking at all-----

God bless........

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