Monday, August 31, 2009

Letter to Editor Re: Healthcare

Let's clear up a few things...

#1 If we are angry it is the result of extreme frustration due to our Congressman and the Democrat majority who have the "We won, get over it" mindset and vote the party line no matter what we say.

#2 We are tired of hearing we are against health care reform. Not true. We want coverage for all who cannot afford it, have a pre-existing condition, change jobs, or are considered the "working poor," but we do not want to pay for the "20 somethings" who would rather drive a fast car and party.

#3 Please quit making the blanket statement that everyone's premium has more than doubled in ten years. (Aside, ours actually added a dependent to the policy and still costs less than if doubled.)

#4 Stop playing Catch 22 with Medicare. Seniors had NO CHOICE but to accept Medicare and have dealt with it. That does not mean we would not have preferred to maintain our private insurance at 65, but now we're trapped. So please leave it, and us, alone. Please do not take $500 billion from Medicare to balance a budget.

#5 We are weary of robo calls which are full of lies, then connect us to Schaur'e office to tell him to vote for the bill. They don't identify themselves nor inform Cong. Schauer. And Schauer doesn't care enough to find out.

#6 Should it really take 700 Senate pages or 1000 House pages to rectify a problem affecting less than 10% of the population and CBO costed at $2-3 trillion? It is distressing that all the special interests involved plus the sections having to do only with methods to control our lives, finances and behavior makes one wonder at the true goal of this legislation.

Use it as a template if you wish. It's difficult to write 300 words when there is enough to fill a book--
God bless............

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