Monday, August 10, 2009


According to his spokesman, Zack Pohl, Cong. Schauer "will be hosting office hours across the district and talking to over 100,000 constituents about this issue (healthcare) on the phone," per email to the CIT PAT. So how 'bout we figure that out?

Let's just give him 33,000 contacts through the first 10 days of August--that even includes two Sundays. And how about giving him weekends off for a little fund raising? That leaves 66,000 contacts in fifteen days. That gives us 4400 per day. We'll give him 7 hours to sleep and 3 hours to eat, take a shower and dress, leaving 14 hours per day. That gives us 314 per hour so he can reach 78.5 constituents in a 15 minute conference call. This should be adequate to accomplish his usual scripted conference calls. Doesn't give any time for Q & A, but hey, it is "talking" to his constitutents.

It also gives no time at all for any office hours and appointments or travel.

This should give him just enough time to go through the Pelosi bullet points and it's just too bad that we can't get his opinion on abortions being healthcare, the choices open to senior citizens who will be denied procedures and asked to take a pain pill instead, big cuts in Medicare, full coverage to illegals, penalizing small business owners 8% if they don't provide insurance (and if they do and it doesn't measure up to the "bureau" standards a fine of 8%,) the government having access to all personal financial and health records, the government having control of end of life decisions including how and when, a public option plan which can undercut private coverage and put private insurance companies (who are on the Congressional and White House "enemies" list and preferred scapegoats) plus any number of other problem areas in HR3200.

I realize this isn't a final bill, but unless we can get our Representative to listen to us, we have no input at all as to how we live our lives as far as this issue is concerned. And of course one of the worst aspects is that it is such a bad bill that no self-respecting Congressman would consider signing up for it.

Does the Congressman's press release give you a warm, fuzzy feeling? Do you really think he gives one hoot what his constituents want or need? Or, as they say, is his main focus to curry favor with his leaders, Pelosi and Obama? I opt for the latter.

Try to sleep well tonight-
God bless.............

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