Friday, August 7, 2009

Thie is Like Watching a Serial Mystery

We really will just have to be patient and see how this plays out.

Did you ever in your wildest imagination think that there was a chance that your own government would try to trap you into supplying them with your name and address for their "enemies list?" We all thought that went out with J. Edgar, Lyndon Baines and Tricky Dick, right?

Well, I think I can tell you with great certainty that just sending something to the isn't going to put you on that list. Assuming that such a list exists, there can be no doubt that they have other methods of completing their efforts. The sophistication of cyberspace good guys, bad guys and all other types is mind boggling and I'm sure they already know all about most of us if not all.
So, not to worry.

There might be cause to worry, depending on how old you are, about the AARP. There is a video taken at an event they put on to "inform" their members which should be extremely embarrassing to them. A woman, probably in her forties at the podium and speaking for the AARP, made erroneous remarks and when called on them, became very rude and ultimately walked out of the event. The conversation continued in a civilized manner and she came back in to pull the plugs on some equipment and she grabbed the microphone to proclaim "AARP does not endorse the healthcare bill."

Oh, yeah? Many of us have personally witnessed spokespersons for AARP who have sat on panels representing the pro healthcare bill side. There they go again. They haven't changed their ways since 1992 when they wanted to have their cake as well as eating it. Do not ever join that outfit. There are other groups who represent seniors much better. We'll supply you with information soon.

God bless............

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