Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Who Died and Left Consumers Energy over $262,245,600?

We're not dead yet and from each of us it's not back breaking except in extreme circumstances, but I'd guess this is one of the first measurable "taxes" for Green energy which wasn't supposed to happen, right?

I'm sure this is a conservative estimate because this is as far as I can go with the numbers I have, but there was an article in the CIT PAT today which started out with a story about a woman who was willing to pay $60 to have an old freezer carted away. Until, that is, she heard that Consumers in their "generosity" would pay her $30 for the privilege of taking it off her hands. Sorta reminds one of the Cash for Clunkers where folks can get something for nothing. Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch?

Where is the money coming from? The story goes on---Every electricity customer of everybody's favorite local monopoly will pay 71 cents a month for five years and every gas customer will pay $1.72 a month for five years to pay for this program. If my little solar powered calculator is right, the 1.8 million customers will pay $8.52 per year-$42.60 for the full five years for a total of $76,680,000. The 1.71 million gas customers will pay $103.20 for the same period of time for a total of $185,565,600 and together that's $262,245,600. The numbers on their website weren't exactly up to date, of course, and I'm not sure about commercial customers rate, so this is certainly the minimum.

How many refrigerators and freezers do folks have to toss out? Oh,yeah-there are some printing costs to "educate" us on how to save energy. Public Service Announcements? Aren't they free? Isn't that the definition of PSA? Maybe they will make house calls and come out so they can help you count how many light bulbs are in your house and tell you to put in some weather stripping and caulking, etc.
We certainly aren't smart enough to figure that out ourselves. They may even tell me I should put more insulation in my ceilings/attic at a cost of several hundred dollars. Problem? It's like the wind mills and solar panels we have already talked about--not gonna live long enough to recover that investment.

Over a quarter of a million dollars----
God bless us all............


commoncents said...

AWESOME POST! Keep up the great work!!!

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Kurt said...

>>"It's like the wind mills and solar panels we have already talked about--not gonna live long enough to recover that investment."<<

That's the problem. Everybody wants a green solution that works just as well (or better) than what they're currently using, and on top of that, they want it to be CHEAPER as well.

You can't have you're delicious, no fat, low calorie cake and EAT IT TOO.

It's a bad idea to start saving for retirement at the age of 40, and it's a bad idea to start conserving NON-RENEWABLE energy sources when they start to become scarce... Not to mention the potential harm we've done to the environment by unnaturally releasing 200 million years worth of carbon into the atmosphere in the short period of time since the start of the industrial revolution. Oh, and each year we destroy over 42,000 square miles of the forests that used remove just enough of the carbon released due to natural decomposition.

Western society will never have it as good as it did during the last 50 years.