Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jackson County Fair

The Jackson County Fair booth is a major success this year as it usually is. We are around the corner from the triumvirate of the UAW, Democratic Women's Caucus and Democrat Party booth - all in a row. We are having constant traffic with everyone wanting to stop and chat about the issues of the day while, at least what we notice when we leave the building to the north entrance, there appears to be only sporadic and isolated visitors evident at the Democrat booths.

Rick Snyder, Republican gubernatorial candidate, stopped by this evening after patronizing the Boy Scout hamburger trailer and pronounced it very good. It's always a stop for me and my husband as well and never disappoints. Mike Nofs has a booth and his staff and supporters are a major presence also.

We hear that the Democrats are having a counter-rally Thursday afternoon in support of Obamacare. It's strange to me that give or take 50% of the population can read HR3200 and find specific problems, list them, try to talk to their legislators about them, perhaps get a little noisy and be labeled unAmerican by the other 50% of the country who accepts 100% of all the problem areas. They accept 100% change and demolition of healthcare as we know it when give or take only 25 million of us affected. Can we just give them the public option and leave everyone else alone?

To have the leadership of the Congress and the President united in trying to divide the country and engage in name calling such as Nazi would seem to be cause for questioning someone's sanity, patriotism or the second step after the financial and automotive nationalization. Wonder which business area will be next.

God bless.........

ps-Now that Sotomayor has been sworn in as a Supreme Court Justice we will have to wait and see just how truthful were her answers at the hearings. She probably didn't give too much thought to the responsibility facing her now which is that she will have to adhere to her testimony. If she doesn't, the next nominee made by Obama will have a really tough time with credibility given her example. We wish her well and we pray that her Latina wisdom continues to develop -- perhaps she will be able to live up to her billing.

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