Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Used Car Market--

I scanned the old posts and couldn't find my prediction from a few weeks ago when I advised readers to "take good care of your cars!" And this was before the grandiose scheme called "cash for clunkers."

My prediction was based on the fact, as I recall, that in the fairly close future the price of gasoline would probably sky rocket due in part to tax increases plus the fact that we would be forced into the hybrid or battery operated car market which are priced way beyond the average price of a car today. And now we have lost a good share of cars which fill a niche for those who need cheap transportation just to get them to work, the grocery, church and the doctor's office.

It just seems kind of sad to see perfectly good older autos being smashed beyond recognition. I can remember going to the junk yard looking for a cheap part some years ago when the after market and OEM (original equipment manufacturer or maker) were both out of my price range. One could get both engine parts and body parts which was pretty handy if you had a fender bender that didn't hit the deductible.
Yes, I know, my age is showing again.

Anyway, cyclical sales, supply and demand plus the need for a good, safe auto for our teen-agers made for a viable used car market. We can only hope that the cliche "unintended consequences" or "teachable moments" doesn't jump up to bite us as seriously as it could. The cost of going "green" seems to be escalating.

Change of subject: Remember when Hillary talked about the "vast right wing conspiracy?" Today I heard Chris Matthews (the guy whose leg tingles when he thinks of Obama) talk about the conspiracy responsible for the folks who are shouting out at Town Hall meetings with their Congressmen. That this could not just be a simple spontaneous reaction to the fear their constituents have of nationalized or socialized medicine in this country. And then, if conservatives define any activity as a possible conspiracy we are "reaching" and looking for someone to blame.

I can tell you from personal experience that if the governmental "suggestions" that PSA counts or tests for prostate cancer are unnecessary for anyone over age 70+ (not sure of the exact number) we would not have known a close family member had this disease. It is being treated with non-invasive methods (which are less expensive) and the PSA numbers are lower than they have been in 15 years. Under Obamacare we would have been worrying and anxious through these years until it would have been too late to do anything about it. Puh-leeze do not tell me there is no rationed care in whatever you want to call it-single payer or whatever.

Enough for tonight--
God bless...............

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