Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bill O'Reilly, Panderer Extraordinaire

This is a guy who really chooses the easy battles--you know the kind. In the old days we called apple pie and Motherhood off limits--everyone agreed. Today the subject agreed on by just about everyone is pedophilia and states who just can't bring themselves to legislate against certain poor behaviors. Those are the kinds of crusades O'Reilly takes on. He leaves the controversial ones to others so they get the criticism and flak that he doesn't want to. Guys and gals like Blenn Beck, Limbaugh, Coulter, etc. You'll notice I didn't mention Hammity--he's a lot like O'Reilly. Wants to be everybody's buddy.

This weekend's PARADE magazine features an article by old Bill stroking Obama and indicating to modern day youngsters how to grow up in a dysfunctional family.

First, you have to learn to forgive those who deserted you which sounds reasonable. But instead of pointing out that his being the "center" of his mother's life made it possible for him in his younger years to conclude that he made no mistakes and it was easy to become narcissistic. On top of that no credit or mention was made of the extraordinary job his grandparents did in rearing him through what are usually the tumultuous teenage years. His appreciation for that appears to be missing in that he refers to his grandmother as a typical white person in her reactions to race.

Second, not being a psychiatrist, I shouldn't argue with her conclusions that he intentionally decided to respect his parents. However, it occurs to me that for many youngsters who are pretty smart they figure out early on that they get more out of being outwardly respectful rather than obstreperous. Just a thought.

Third, the Persistence factor can be explained in many ways. By the time he starts his public life he has learned that he can talk his way through just about any circumstance and is smart enough to face adversity with backing off and learning and planning and using past experiences to do better the next time.

Fourth, working hard is an interesting concept. Most of us don't think of doing something that we really enjoy as work and depending on the mentors, political contacts plus college experiences in his life before campaigning for his early tries at public office I am sure he truly enjoyed what he was doing. (If I were truly cynical I would mention those who were advising and teaching him politics Chicago-style, as a part of the plans and goals.)

And fifth, Bill says he teaches children that anything is possible. And that is true, but not necessarily because of Obama's example. One thing I think children can learn from both Presidents Bill Clinton and Barak Obama is that a glib tongue and attaining high status allows one to lie and walk over people with impunity. It's like we read in the book I recommended a few month's ago THE OUTLIERS which attributes much success to luck, being at the right place at the right time and practicing thousands of hours at one task rather than a few hours at many.

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