Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kennedy and Healthcare

My first thought when I heard of Kennedy's death was "May God have mercy on his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed-may they rest in peace." But before he rests in peace I would hope that he is met at the Gate by the 55 million souls aboarted since Roe v Wade in 1973 and Mary Jo Kopeckne. And I can only hope and pray that the other 16 Catholic pro abortion Senators have a similar reaction.

Coincidentally I attended a meeting this evening and was speaking with a friend who is taking part in a clinical trial at the Jasper Clinic in Kalamazoo. Just before I started to post I checked the Right Michigan blog and a fella there told of his wife who works at Jasper where they had just laid off 11 workers. The consensus of opinion at my meeting and the blog was that should Obamacare become law it will have a detrimental effect on the work that is done in that kind of facility. My friend, who is trying to stave off any more damage from macular degeneration would have no opportunity to assist in the research and development which would make her life and thousands of others much more pleasurable. And that will be compounded over and over again when there ceases to be any profit involved. Not to mention the loss of jobs involved in R & D.

How can the American government demand, coerce or force people to buy healthcare insurance? Seems to me that we would have the same problem that we have with auto insurance in Michigan-can't speak for other states. There are always a certain number of scofflaws who would buy insurance so they get a drivers' license and an automobile license and then cancel the insurance, right? Isn't that why we have an Uninsured Motorists Fund? So how would that work with healthcare insurance? That group always finds a way around the law. So what happens if they get sick? I mean really sick where they have thousands of dollars in medical bills. I haven't heard anyone address this potential problem. Wonder why not........

Random thought for the day: Turned on a movie while getting lunch to escape the all day all the time Kennedy coverage and noticed that old pet peeve of the volume increase for advertising which is so exasperating that you hit the mute button. Makes me wonder if the advertiser doesn't think we're smart enough to ignore them.
Or does it say something about their opinion of the audience of the Hallmark channel? Just wondering........

See you tomorrow, sleep well--
God bless..........

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