Saturday, August 22, 2009


I wouldn't know a running back from a left tackle and I don't really care. The only reason I ever root for a team is because someone in the family has a favorite and I go along so we're on the same side--except when my two Michigan grads gang up on their sister who favors MSU.

However, there are sports figures that interest me quite a lot. The ones who think they're God's gift to whatever or whomever they want to impress like Michael Vick.
Accidentally caught the interview on 60 Minutes last week and it's been bugging me ever since. This guy had Tony Dungy at his side, a fine fellow who usually brings out the best in those he counsels. It was almost painful to listen to Vick as he attempted to tell the audience how he knew he had done something wrong and that he has learned a lesson.

Oh, yeah? Then why was it all about him? Everything was I, I, I. Had he said, just one time, "Those poor animals" or something akin to that thought it may have been more believable, but it wasn't.

We've talked about judgments before--that it is the act, not the person who should be judged. Well, that's not hard. No one will ever know his motivation so we are not in a position to judge, but we can wait a good long time to see if anything about him has changed. So far, it is not apparent. Put him on your prayer list of real hard cases if you have one.

Have a good weekend.
God bless...........

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