Saturday, August 1, 2009


You've probably heard Conyers quoted as saying that no one should be expected to read a bill that weighed 14 pounds and that would take 2 days and 2 lawyers to even begin to understand it, so he might as well sign on. You know, I can almost understand what he means.

When I look back on the 40 years I've lived in Michigan times have really changed. Back in 1969 we lived in Cadillac so Detroit was an unknown which we respected as the largest city in the state and the entire area was dedicated to the automotive industry, so it felt like "we were all in this together."

Then we moved to Albion and there were opportunities to go to Detroit for occasional outings such as for ball games, theater, the DIA, etc. and we were really surprised when folks told us to be careful. There were "dangerous" areas. Ultimately we settled in Jackson and by that time, 1976, we felt we pretty much knew our way around.

We also had learned that the school system in Detroit left a lot to be desired as did the political/government systems. We've gone through being willing to pay extra taxes to help the city and the disadvantaged to realizing that no amount of money will help a situation if ocrruption and crime are a way of life. We've watched a number of new leaders try to make things better only to find that the circumstances are stacked against them.

And that's why I felt my first pang of sympathy for Mr. Conyers this week. I still think he is part of the problem rather than part of the solution, but sort of understand where he is coming from.

It's because when I think about our mess in Washington with Mark Schauer being so obstinate in his persistence to follow the Pelosi liberal machine rather than even try to represent his constituents it is getting more and more difficult not to just break down and shed tears. Not gonna happen. I feel a few tea parties coming on.

God bless............

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