Tuesday, August 25, 2009

High Speed Rail through Jackson?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Governor Jennifer stopped in Jackson to laud increasing the speed of Amtrak from Detroit to Chicago with a stop in Jackson. I'm not sure, but isn't really high speed like in Japan upwards of 200-300 mph? Well, whoopee! Jen's plan is to go at speeds "up to" 120. At present top speed is about 90. So all those modern young people and business folks will save all of 15 minutes on a trip to Dearborn and assuming Jackson is the only stop (but I doubt it,) you could get from Detroit to Chicago in about 3 hours and 20 minutes with no stops and at 90 mph it would take just over 4 hours.

Playing around with the numbers I came up with 280 miles from Detroit to Chicago and since Jenny wants to hire 10,000 people and give or take 25% for management types that would pay an average of $40,000 a year for two years--of course, then they would all go on the unemployment roles again.

Further those 7500 workers would be able to build 280 miles in 116,928 man hours over the two years. That would be 27 workers per mile. They would be working a 5 day week for 2 years. Think they could do a mile in 2 years? I certainly hope so.

As far as the ridership is concerned, I have no clue how many people use the train presently, but if the number ended up at 1,000 per day with each saving 45 minutes it would amount to a total of 45,000 minutes, 750 hours or 31.25 days. At the rate of 25,600,000 per year it would take 70,137 years of subsidy per rider to use up that $800,000,000. Are we having fun yet?


Just wondering--do they do background checks on czars? How could Van Jones pass?

60% of insurance companies are non-profit. So how do they figure that the government can do better than that?

People keep asking if we're satisfied with Medicare and then are quick to say, "well, that is a government run, single payer entity." I beg to differ. We had no choice. We were forced into the program. And the program is for seniors only. So the big difference would be that Docs will be forced into charging the same for all age groups (at present they have a patient list of varying ages many or most of which are not seniors, depending on the type of practice.) Then the definition becomes distinctly different.

Heard the following: Why don't Democrats see the dangers inherent in the end of life counseling especially in view of the handbook for veterans? Allow me to make an observation. When Democrats devalued life 36 years ago and now believe that there is a right to abortion on demand with no restrictions which have resulted in the loss of 55,000,000 over that period of time, should anyone be surprised at any loss of the value of life?

It's time to rest-
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