Thursday, August 13, 2009


He can call it a Town Hall meeting if he wants to, but that's just another example of him stretching the truth. The logistics of modern communications are really impressive. I didn't even know you could do this:

Dial up 11,000 people at one time and feed them to a common number!

I talked about how he planned to speak with 100,000 constituents in a month and tonight I found out. Minding my own business after dinner and the first call was a survey asking who I was planning to vote for next year. The second call, however, was a recorded message at 8:35 asking me to stay on the line and "take part" in the Town Hall meeting with Cong. Schauer. I clicked on the tape recorder and took a few notes for the next half hour--the end of the call which I found out started at 8:00.
He also indicated there were 11,000 people in attendance.

During the half hour I listened, there were 8 questions which of course were of the "friendly" variety. Assuming there were no less than 8 in the 35 minutes before I was invited to "take part" and wanting to be generous, how about we say there were 20 questions in the hour and 5 minutes of the call.

The ratio of calls is laughable! 20 out of 11,000. If anyone else heard the first half hour and can tell us if there happened to be a question which disagreed with his position, we'd love to hear what it was.

And by the way, he either wasn't informed or hadn't listened to any news in the last few days, but AARP is back tracking as fast as they can and denying that they ever endorsed the bill. They just agreed with a few of the topics.

He also repeated the endless lie about all insurance policies have more than doubled in the last ten years. Well, I have said it before and I'll say it again. My premium has not only NOT doubled, I even added my husband to my policy and he has two pre-existing health problems. The time period started in 1997 when I retired and the premium had increased by only 50% for both of us.

If his constituents let him get away with thinking that satisfied us, we deserve what we get, but I'm hoping they can see through the sham.

He did disuss the demonstration in Jackson this afternoon and talked about the noise. Guess what? The noise came from the Schauer supporters who gathered two hours before our announced time and were using a bull horn and constant chanting of slogans. I was there for about 45 minutes and didn't hear any shouting from our side of the street.

I do admit that they out-foxed, out-numbered and out-spent us. We had made a few public announcements that we would be there at 4:30. On Tuesday the word went out with a huge assist from the newspaper (front page) that the Dems would have a counter demonstration at 3:30. The DNC and the new Obama campaign group-called something like Organizing for America probably paid for the professionally done signage--they were extremely well organized. They never left so our folks were on the remaining 3 corners. Admittedly not a huge success.

Live and learn. Hope I have better news next week.
God bless...........

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