Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tim Walberg Town Hall Meeting

A real Town Hall meeting -- where out of a crowd of maybe 75 or so perhaps twenty of them walked to the mike and gave their opinions of healthcare reform. It just seems a shame that we probably should say that there was not a raised voice in the bunch.

After the Walberg introduction and update on his intentions and reminding us that he had presented rather detailed healthcare reform legislation of his own last year which didn't make it out of committee he invited and opened the meeting to anyone who wished to make a statement.

Just about every topic you can think of was covered and there was total agreement that reform in some areas is needed but Tim quoted a friend whose constant opinion was that one shouldn't destroy the house to remodel the bathroom. There were three women who were in favor of the presented HR3200, but I had the feeling that if any one of us had a chance to sit down with two of them for a real conversation they would see that destruction of the present system would not be necessary. (The third woman was Brenda Abbey, staunch Democrat in a leadership position and representative of the AFL-CIO.)

It was a totally rewarding experience to see such a cross section of mostly Jackson residents with three coming from Chelsea and Mason where they had no meetings scheduled and a couple from Adrian who missed the meeting there last evening. It was the proof of the pudding that the American public is well educated and well informed and even though many were out of their comfort zone speaking in public they rose to the occasion and gave each other and those who didn't speak hope for the future.

So, thank you, Tim. And Sue as well for joining us. This is middle America. This is the segment of the population who know what is important and as the woman in Pennsylvania said "we are the sleeping giant who has been awakened." We will speak out.

Sleep well--
God bless............

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