Monday, August 17, 2009

General Motors, Chrysler, Fiat, Fiasco---

Wasn't it back in February when we first started talking about how Fiat was going to own 50% of Chrysler without spending a dime? It's getting closer and closer all the time and on top of that, it appears that there is a very good chance Taluca, Mexico's 2180 workers will be the ones to benefit. And speaking of dimes, how many U. S. taxpayer dimes are going into the deal?

Not to mention that Fiat is working as fast as they can to get a foothold in China. Wonder if the Chinese will be a little more difficult to manipulate than we were.

Then we can look at GM's plans to make a compact car for $4000 for sale in India and Asia with the plant to build them probably located in Asia as well. Now it's just possible that in order to sell a car in that part of the world those countries are smart enough to say build it here or you can't sell it here like China does with a policy for most products. However, what are the UAW and the taxpayer getting for their ivestment?

And don't tell me the Volt will make up for it. Even with a $7500 tax credit it remains unaffordable for much of the American car buying public. We'll have to wait and see, won't we, if the American car makers can truly compete.

I have no idea what the final tally will be, but since foreign cars, even though they may be assembled or manufactured here and give work to some Americans, there is still the little issue of the profit going back to Japan or Korea--a couple thousand dollars at a time right off the top of the Cash for Clunkers donation.

So while all the talk has been about healthcare this month don't forget that isn't the only problem we face. Not to be preachy, but it wouldn't hurt to say a little prayer that Taluca loses out to someplace in Michigan. We could use a boost right about now.

God bless...........

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