Friday, August 28, 2009

Your Life is an Open Book

A couple of days ago our "household" rec'd a letter from Michigan State University announcing that we would be called to answer a 20 minute survey which is a combined effort of MSU and the Institute for Public Policy and Social Research (Center for Disease Control connection.)

In the letter it stated "Your privacy will be protected to the maximum extent allowable by law." That phrase was repeated when the lady called to conduct the interview. Since I was at home alone at the time I became the interviewee. I asked her what it meant and she said she had no clue but gave me a toll free number to call to find out--which I did. That really nice young lady also told me she wasn't sure of the meaning but that she had questioned it and would call me when she rec'd an answer. Of course, I will then relay the information to you.

That was just the beginning!

Today one of the news items had to do with the IRS sharing our financial information as a way to determine who might or might not be eligible for health care insurance subsidies. Oh, really? Why in the world would the government need to make all our information available when only a percentage of folks would be asking for a subsidy?
In fact, when folks ask for help now, isn't it common practice that they make out a few forms and probably give copies of income tax forms to help determine eligibility?

Have they no sense of security? Have they not heard of hospital staff people selling information to the tabloids? What makes them think that there is anything at all sacrosanct about personal financial information? Is it because we're all just a bunch of numbers? What happened to privacy? (As I recall, it was "privacy" that allowed women to get to the point of abortion on demand--guess it depends on whose privacy we're talking about.)

I just have this gut feeling that a Freedom of Information Act request would be all it would take for just about anyone to learn whatever they want about your personal health and your personal wealth or lack of it.

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The Wolverine said...

There are so many aspects of gevernmental actions of recent years, it's tough to know where to start on the things that should concern you. The records being kept/shared on you is just one. Another I would bring up is, who is writing the sweeping legislation that is being rammed through, without being read, much less understood by those voting on them. Speaking of understanding, any chance these bills could be written in English instead of bureaucratese? I would encourage anyone interested to review the past week's Glenn Beck series on Fox News. He does a good job of digging into the authors of those bills. Yeah, yeah, call him all the names you want, but refute just one of the FACTS he presents.

While the health care bills are taking the limelight currently, when congress returns, the senate is going to vote on the Cap & Trade bill. People, this one will affect your life every day. I encourage you to inform yourself on it and then let your senator know what you think about the bill. Your pocket book and more importantly your life style won't know what hit it.

While we all have a lot to do just living our daily lives, we have lost control of what is going on in Washington. It is time we take the time to become informed, and act to let our elected representatives (who work for us) know how we want them to represent us.

The Old Wolverine

Bruce said...

My understanding is that the IRS is sharing the info so that the Gvmt will be able to extract "our fair share" of income so that Gvmt will be able to "share our wealth" appropriately!
These Democrats just want to keep it simple for everyone. After all, it's for our own good?
Remember Teddy, he did all of those things for our own good and now America is broke and destitute with our hands out to every tin-horn dictator in the world.
What Would Reagan Have Done?