Thursday, August 6, 2009

Raining on the Healthcare Parade

I am not suggesting that we give up the fight, in fact, it is vital that we do as much as possible to stop the roller coaster of the Democrat majority from mowing down everything in its path and reach some kind of acceptable legislation. It appears that our best hope lies in the hands of the Blue Dog Democrats. Some of them are Pro-Life as well as fiscal conservatives and we can only hope they stand strong.

The lines have been drawn with ACORN and the SEIU aligned with AARP (which I'll never understand, but am not surprised at) against Republicans who want to stop the destruction on the way to something that will help people as well as the economy rather than destroying the future of the country.

Lost in the rhetoric and raised voices of the past couple of days and the shouting matches at the Town Hall meetings where the Congressmen who have safe seats are holding forth is the comment by Chuck Schumer that on September 15 they will have a vote on a Democrat bill which will pass because they have the majority and they don't need to reach across the aisle.

One can only hope that they are surprised enough to lose just a little arrogance and consider the public they are supposed to be representing. If nothing else, they may decide they could lose their majority if they aren't careful which speaks to them when nothing else will. Don't forget, it wasn't that long ago that Nancy Pelosi echoed Barak Obama's message of "We won. Deal with it."

On the local level in the 7th District Mark Schauer has vowed that he will not hold any Town Hall meetings. We will entertain any suggestions to change his mind such as having our own Town Hall meetings with visiting speakers invited as well as Mr. Schauer. If he doesn't show, he doesn't show, but there will be a symbolic empty chair and undoubtedly there will be plenty of media commentary. Just a thought. (Just a guess on my part, but I figured part of the reason he was avoiding confrontations is that he had planned to do some major fund raising this month--now I wonder just how successful he will be other than the Stryker fund and other PACs.)

Here in the 19th, which is Marty Griffin's home, Mike Nofs won the Republican primary with 87% of the vote while Marty garnered about 64% in his race. (I don't know the reason, but his opponent, Sharon Renier, is quitting the Democrat party.) Having worked with the Board of Canvassers yesterday and all day today I haven't had time to look at the entire district, but will get back to you. So keep up the good work in the 19th--it's a great place to start the comeback.

Time to rest up for tomorrow-
God bless.............

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