Sunday, August 23, 2009

Regaining Trust

Remember when you were a teenager (a long time ago for some of us) or perhaps having the trust discussion with your own children? After an infraction of the rules such as staying out after curfew, etc., it went something like this: First you were grounded for X number of days, weeks or hopefully not months. Then you had the earnest "discussion" and did a lot of growing up when you got the message and realized that once you had broken trust, it would be a long time rebuilding the relationship with your parents.

I think our President is finding himself in that uncomfortable position. First he gave the responsibility of writing legislation to the House and Senate so it would not come back to haunt him--his hands would be clean. He intentionally did not read HR 3200 so that when he made any statement it was his own opinion so that even if it differed from the bill, we couldn't say he "lied." Now that there has been enough time for lots of people to have either read the bill in its entirety or been directed to parts of it, we can see that there is a world of difference between what the Congress believed the President wanted and what he is saying, and sometimes changes from day to day. Trust has disappeared for many.

When he described his grandmother not being eligible for a hip replacement and that he would have paid for it himself, how can he say then that there is no rationing of care based on age?

How about him saying there will be no funding for abortions when there is no way he is unaware that 9 amendments were presented and defeated specifically calling for that clarification?

Another place trust is hard to find is in the Department of Justice with Eric Holder deciding what is right and wrong and the total politicization of that department is unreal.

If there is no hidden agenda to assist in growing the unions, how should we explain 1200 new hires who will be union members to facilitate Cash for Clunkers?

And by the way, tort lawyers, this is for you. What makes you think you will be free to sue the federal government/health care business when they have most of the business? Unintended consequences? You really have to see this one coming.

And the Congress--since we can see that Obama really doesn't care about the 80% of us who have good health coverage what makes congressmen and women think that he cares whether or not they get re-elected? He wants a bill and he will get a bill either by splitting or reconciliation. After all, he won----

Wonder what the week ahead will bring--
God bless................

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