Friday, July 31, 2009

Wrapping up a Wicked Week

It's always a little tough to make up for lost time if we take a couple of days off and this week is no exception. The biggest problem is "finding your place." It's like putting a book down and trying to figure out exactly where you left off and to pick up the story line.

First-a blogger's confession: I'm sure you all know that we are served by a "host" who gives us a daily/weekly count of how many folks visit the site. What gets me is the inverse relationship between the reaction (comments) and visitors. In other words, I would expect that in the weeks when the numbers of visitors are down in the low hundred range, there would be few, if any, comments. Not so. Those posts usually generate the most reaction although even I don't think they are all that interesting or motivating. This past couple of weeks we've had only two comments from the 500, give or take, visitors. I just don't get it. Unless the questions from candidates are just absorbed and put in your data banks. Oh, well.

Maybe it's the summer doldrums, but I'm just kinda bored with the repetitive news on the national level and the only "exciting" state news has to do with taxing soda pop. Maybe it's an age thing--I drink iced tea.

I was hoping to be able to attend a couple of events during the summer recess and look for Mark Schauer to try to defend his record at a Town Hall or Congressman on the Corner as he usually does, but last week we all rec'd a big card with all his contact information on it so we could call his various offices which was followed by a blurb in the paper a few days ago indicating he would be so very, very busy that he wouldn't be holding any public meetings.

I'm thinking that after he was almost laughed out of the Jackson library earlier this year he knows that he can't get away with lying to this constituency like he did when he was a state rep. The folks in Jackson are holding his feet to the fire. It doesn't do any good, of course, he asks "how high and which way" whenever Pelosi or Obama snap their fingers and say 'jump.' A letter to the editor yesterday figured that San Francisco was benefitting by getting Schauer plus Pelosi to represent them and we get nothing.

Maybe things will look better tomorrow--
God bless..............

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