Monday, June 15, 2009

Where is Jimmy Carter When You Need Him?

He's going somewhere this week, but he should have been in Iran last week, but then maybe he knew it was a lost cause.

Biggest problem I see is Israel. What would you do if you were Israel and you had absolutely no friends. Right. Not even one.

They used to have their big brother, the U.S., who would stick up for them when the going got tough, but now we've thrown them to the wolves. And there were a few kids in the neighborhood, the Jewish people living in the U.S., who through the years have helped them monetarily as well as morally, but they have all deserted them as well.

I'll never know how their Jewish relatives and friends of generations have traded their heritage for a fast talking liberal from Chicago. But then he seems to have destroyed quite a lot of relationships along the way to his success. It appears that just like all the others they are mesmerized and still believe that "we should give him a chance. Give him a little more time." Well, Obama couldn't even bring himself to look Netanyahu in the face when being interviewed, but bows and scrapes when talking to the Muslims all over the place. How very sad.

Does it sound like I'm a little more upset than usual? Maybe it's because Obama called me a liar today and I resent the heck out of it. He says that folks who say the option is a Trojan Horse are liars. Well, this really smart guy only has an opinion as well I do. I only call him a liar if he has said something and then goes ahead and does something diametrically opposed to a previous decision. or if he has made a promise and broken it. Then he is a liar, but if it's just his opinion he's welcome to it. And he should allow me the same choice.

And you know, I hadn't given too much thought to the birth certificate issue. Now that he is calling folks who are truly concerned with the issue a bunch of loonies and other things I'm thinking--why doesn't he just show it to them? It would be so easy. Now I'm getting suspicious. I'm thinking maybe he's just holding it in reserve so if things start going badly with any of his "projects" he can haul it out and change the subject--probably on a Friday.

It's really quite frustrating.

Sleep well--
As they say, don't bother counting sheep, talk to the Shepherd.

God bless.............

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