Tuesday, June 23, 2009


What is going on?

Why would our government give billions of dollars for "energy research" to foreign car makers? American taxpayers want to know!

Why did Mark Schauer figure it was more important to play baseball than to answer mail from constituents?

It was early February when I first asked Schauer for his view on the Chrysler give away. Some time in March my husband wrote to ask him about the statement he made at his "Congressman on the Corner" meeting when he said he would protect our 2nd Amendment rights. About a month ago I asked him his opinion of having any health plan used by federal employees including Congress and the administration to "road test" any plan for a couple of years to be sure of its viability and accessibility.
No response as yet. Not even a form letter.

We did, however, as I reported earlier, receive a form letter thanking us for "taking part" in a conference call. Remember, that was the one where all of the callers were lined up and he called on them by name and referenced mutual memories.

Other than the baseball and some very innocuous radio interviews and a letter to the editor of the local paper on the death of Cong. Pursell, we just aren't hearing anything from the guy. Previous Congressmen, Smith and Walberg in particular, used to send out reports on pending legislation along with some pro and con information. I get the feeling he just doesn't want us to know what he is up to.
Why not?

And why do I get the feeling thare is someone or some group who has a master plan similar to putting together a model airplane with Tab A going into Slot D and Tab C going into Slot E. Looks something like: Times editorial today, NBC White House interview tomorrow, followed by Newsweek cover photo, skip one day then schedule press conferences and bill signings and interviews in the Rose Garden the next 3 days and do a Chris Matthews show followed by the ABC special from the Blue Room just in time to sell the healthcare program. Take a day off, but don't go to church, the people just can't take the hassle.

The only good news I've heard all day is that Lola Sez was mentioned in the contest put out by Right Michigan alongside some of the really smart, savvy bloggers. Big problem though. Not being a computer nerd I don't even know how to comment to thank Nick for the honor of being mentioned. So this will have to suffice. Thanks, kiddo.

God bless.........

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