Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Night Loose Ends

Well, they did it--passed the Cap 'n Trade bill in the House. When I called Schauer's office his staffer told me he had not only read the entire bill, but also all of the amendments. Ya think? I really doubt he can read and absorb over 1500 pages in 24 hours. If he truly did, he has to be so tired he hasn't a clue as to which lever he pushed or how he voted. Only the tally board knows for sure.

Item 2-So, how much more will the rest of the workforce have to pay to make up for the fact that Obama is still paying back the unions for his election and is exempting them from having to pay taxes on employer provided healthcare if he has his way. Not going to tax the people who earn less than $200,000 huh?

Item 3-Wonder who the "powers that be" are the ones that said to back off from investigating the fraud and corruption in Acorn. Couldn't possibly be the guy who had "community organizer" on his resume for President, could it?

Item 5-Play or Pay seems to be the mantra of the present administration. At the risk of repeating myself, this is nothing more than blackmail. Isn't that against the law?

Item 6-The Cap 'n Trade liberals are pointing to Europe as a good example of what will happen when we go green. Really? With unemployment rates among young people ranging from the teens to the forties. Is that really what we want? The President specifically pointed to Spain so we can emulate their green behavior and the rate there approaches 35%. Give us a break, Obama.

I really do tune him out and generally try to find his press conferences and speeches written down somewhere so I don't have to hear his voice. Is he still going with the slogan "No New Taxes?"

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ps to Wyanod;I posted a comment on louisvillian as requested but when I pressed submit my text was erased leaving only my name and address. Sorry, I'm not very
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Bruce Barlond said...

Cap And Tax!
I am more and more convinced that these new Democrats want as many Americans as possible living in poverty and ignorance, dependent upon government, Democrat Government, for food, clothing, shelter, heat, electric, cars, trucks, everything possible and more.
What is going to happen to America after the producers (taxpayers) quit working because the Democrats take too much out of their paychecks in taxes and productive work just isn't worth it anymore? Gee, that sounds like what happened to the Soviet Union.
But seriously, just who will the Democrats tax to support the extravagant Democrat spending and the lifestyles of their voters? Democrats have taken so many folks off of the tax roles, to buy their votes, and left so few of us paying taxes, to be redistributed to those on the public dole, that Democrats are going to be in a real bind to support their paid-for voters in very short order. Then what will the Democrats do? Seize property and give it to their voters?
Oops! They already did that with GM and Chrysler! The bondholders got taken and the Unions got 55%! This stuff used to be illegal but not under these New Democrats.
What happened to that “Shining City On A Hill” that Ronald Reagan spoke so proudly of?