Friday, June 12, 2009


Are you scared yet? Do you think this is the change they had in mind?

You know, the one where the wealth is redistributed by that same formula the feminists wanted to use where the trash hauler makes the same money as the teacher or vice versa? Sort of like: we're all created equal and it doesn't matter how much education you had or how dirty the job was or should you be strong enough to carry a victim out of a burning building?

I can see it now.

1-The Master sets the pay scale for the banks and insurance companies who took TARP money - that starts the service industry/business control

2-Then the Master sets the pay scale for the executives of GM and Chrysler because they are publicly owned

3-Next he looks at what is the easiest low-hanging fruit and aha! how about non-profit businesses? Like hospitals...That won't upset the private enterprise folks, will it.

4-When he takes care of them he sets his sights on the people who compete with the non-profits and say--Gee, guys, this isn't fair--You are all in the same business and just because you make some money, you shouldn't be paid more than other folks in the same business.....

5-If the hospital administrators all have to take pay cuts, why not start with a sliding scale for doctors based on how much time they have put in. Specialists should get a little more than GPs, right? Besides, we have a vested interest in the healthcare field and we have a right to input here

6-Let's revisit the automobile industry. If GM and Chrysler have taken pay cuts, shouldn't Ford have to meet our "industry standard?" Don't forget, we are putting money (a subsidy) into GM and Chrysler so Ford has an unfair advantage if we "let" them do their own thing

7-If the automotive engineers, accountants and production staff are on our scales, we should look at all the engineers: civil, mechanical, aeronautical, environmental, and all the rest should be on "level playing fields" whether they work for NASA or the Department of Transportation in Idaho

8-Public employees such as teachers shouldn't have such discrepancies in their pay scales, should they? A college instructor with a master's degree doesn't work any longer hours than a high school teacher with the same education, and they're both paid for with tuition and tax money and should be non-profit so we should put them in the same category

9-We've been forgiving education loans for graduates who go into particular fields or even geographical areas. If there are no fields where there are high salaries because we've leveled the playing field, all junior colleges, 4 yr colleges and universities should be free to all high school graduates

10-Everyone puts the same amount of time into his or her working years and generally there's not much difference in pay so the Social Security or retirement investment is approximately the same, so let's just set retirement categories as well

I could go on and on and on, but you get the picture and no doubt could make your own list. Do you see what's happening? After we have lost the freedom of speech, religion and self-defense and everyone is earning like homogenized milk, whatever happened to this land of the free?

One last thought on Letterman-if there is not a word for it in the psychology glossary, there should be. The definition of anyone, not just so-called comedians, who make mean-spirited remarks which are generally hurtful but the ordinary person doesn't defend him/herself because it hurts too much, if called on it says, "can't you take a joke?" I've known a few of these jerks and I'm sure you have also. We really should stop letting them get away with it.

Let's sleep on it. Have a good week-end.

God bless.........

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