Sunday, June 7, 2009

Secretary of State Questions 7 and 9- (8, 10, 11 tomorrow)

7-What is your opinion of absentee voting at any age for any reason?

Michelle: I am completely opposed to the idea of no-reason absentee voting. Michigan voters already do a fantastic job of getting to the polls on Election Day, and state law already allows those who have a legitimate reason for not being able to make it to the polls to vote absentee. No-reason absentee voting is a solution in search of a problem.

Anne: In my experience I see a need for checks and balances and it is my position that "any reason" absentee voting would be a step backward. I have studied other states such as Wisconsin and Minnesota who encourage this kind of voting and do not see any advantage as a result.

Cameron: Nearly 70% of Michigan voters cast a ballot in the 2008 general election which is a higher percentage than some states who have "no reason" voting. Voters in our state have every opportunity to cast an absentee ballot when necessary. There is little evidence that expanding so-called "convenience voting" improves voter turnout, but there is ample evidence that it encourages fraud.

#8 What organizations are your strongest supporters?
I just realized I didn't ask this question of Anne. Will touch base with her and put up that question Monday.

#9 Do you think you can raise the money for a credible campaign?

Michelle: Absolutely! While job number one for a candidate seeking a state convention nomination is to get to know the grassroots of the party, I am also spending the necessary time raising money so that I can be an asset to the Republican ticket after the convention. No one will outwork me in this race.

Anne: The job of running for office includes fund raising. It is impossible to run a credible campaign without sufficient money. I find that in looking over a typical schedule that I am spending the equivalent of about 3 days a week on making calls which result in both personal and monetary support. I am proud of my long list of endorsements and donors.

Cameron:I will absolutely raise the money necessary to win in 2010. In past years, I have raised tens of thousands of dollars for not only my own races, but those of Republicans around the state in competitive districts. With the Governor's office, Attorney General, and every House and Senate seat on the ballot next fall, the Secretary of State nominee must not only be financially self sufficient, but able to assist with these other key races.

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