Monday, June 29, 2009

Unions vs The Rest of Us OR Damed if You Do and Damned if You Don't--

I'm trying to figure out the logistics as to what will happen if the healthcare bill really does exempt the union members from paying taxes on their benefits. So I looked up the statistics on the numbers of union members in Michigan and it turns out to be 771,000 at last count. Our estimated 2008 population is give or take 10million.

I really couldn't tell if the union membership figures were for industrial unions only such as UAW, electrical workers, carpenters, pipe fitters, etc., or did it include the AFSCME, teachers, nurses and white collar types plus retail workers.
At any rate I'm thinking that if they are all in the Democrat/liberal column we will have a really tough row to hoe to separate die hard Democrats not to vote with their pocketbooks on this issue.

The next problem I see coming is if 80% is really the true number of small businesses responsible for jobs and the government run and subsidized and national coverage of the already uninsured will certainly be cheaper than private insurance, what can we expect from them? Logic tells us they will stop supplying medical coverage and many more of those people will be recipients of national coverage. Remember, this is blackmail now. Play or pay. Not many choices here any more.

Or they may face another problem. If the Card check thing passes, they will be faced with the option of either watching their workforce unionize and they will just lay off whatever percentage it will take to stay in business or try to stick it out and be forced to pay higher taxes along with mandatory and higher healthcare costs.

It's just a constant puzzle with the administration and government throwing in new rules, regulations or options every day. This subject is in no way finished.

Try to rest easy-
God bless.............

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Anonymous said...

Mike Nofs is (or was) a union member. He also spends a lot of time supporting the MEA. Maybe you should ask him for some clarifications.