Thursday, June 4, 2009


We are being delivered up to the enemy by our very own President. It is so difficult to be reminded that Obama is going to be at Normandy for D-Day and not at the same time be reminded of Chamberlain, that grand appeaser.

Random thoughts--
There is no need for Muslims to continue the population growth project which would have taken a little longer, but would be a peaceable method.

There is no longer any threat of terrorist attack. So we can dismantle most of the CIA. Says who? Sounds like Obama. No one needs nuclear weapons any more. Everything is going to be just fine. We all trust one another and we look for the common good. Yeah, right.

All is forgiven? There is no more need for a war on terror?
Overseas Contingency Operation-necessary or not? What does that actually mean?
Overseas has to mean "world wide," right?
Contingency means "just in case."
Operation in the military sense according to Webster's means "a course of warlike proceedings." (Had to look this one up.)

Everyone will be free (except women and Israelis) and perhaps a few others too numerous to list here?

He just cannot be that naive, can he? Is he trying to fool the rest of the world or just the U.S. citizens who elected him and who he continuously courts thinking ahead to the next election?

So, let's change the subject a little (or a lot.)
This turned out to be more difficult for me than I anticipated. Not being a professional journalist, I fell into a couple of traps. First, I had a general get-acquainted session with Michelle. Then I had a face to face interview with Anne by which time I had formulated the questions so everyone would be on an equal footing. My mistake? I took notes with Anne while Michelle did her own writing--does that make sense? So you'll have to make an allowance one way or the other on your own.

Let's start by taking the questions for the SOS candidates in order--then maybe we'll skip around a bit later.

1-Please prioritize the duties of the Secretary of State as you see them.

Anne-My first obligation is to deliver a strict, ethical process of elections never forgetting that the Federal Government will dictate much of how we proceed. We need to adhere to every aspect of the law with efficiency and integrity

I believe my experience as a County Clerk for over 20 years is the best preparation for knowing the needs of the public through customer service which is vital to the job of Secretary of State.

Michelle-The Department of State has contact with more Michigan residents than any other area of state government. For me, customer service is Job One.

The Secretary of State also plays a critical role in protecting the integrity of our elections. I am committed to putting sharp teeth in our campaign finance laws to protect the ballot in Michigan and make sure elections are fair for everyone. Tough and timely enforcement of campaign finance laws gives voters the facts they need at the ballot box and helps preserve the integrity of our elections.

2-What does your expertise allow you to do better or revamp present practices?

Michelle-The best part of my job as a legislator is getting the chance to solve problems, both for individual constituents and for our entire state. In fact, I have responded to thousands of constituent inquiries each year I have served in the Legislature. I have always embraced technology as means to improve efficiency and provide better service, and that will be one of my primary concerns as your next Secretary of State.

Anne-Michigan leads the country in ethical voting and Calhoun County led the way in voting methods culminating in the optical scan process now in use throughout the state. We went from paper, to levers, to punch cards on the way and we had to give training in all four methods because not all townships were using the same systems.
We changed daytime commission meetings to evenings so more people could attend and be active and reduced the size from 9 to 7 members. We have used vision and new technologies resulting in 2.5 million documents available on line. If you need a copy of a deed or other legally filed document the turn around time is now 24 hours rather than days or weeks. In most instances if you come to the Court House, you will leave with a document in your hands.

Let's stop with two questions this evening. That way if you have any suggestions we can make an improvement before we are too far into the research.

On the lighter side, someone sent me a photo of a Church sign which reads:
Shall Inherit the Earth
If it's all right with you........" God bless

(I just added the following on the earlier page referencing Cameron Brown: Rec'd call from Cam Brown this morning and I'm inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt since I have known Cam for a long time and it was very strange that he wasn't responding to me. Emails have been known to fall through the cracks and I am careful about "talking campaigns" on work phone numbers. So, I ask that you keep that in mind as I add Cam's answers to the questions. Also, we should give a hard-working guy a break. My words, not his.)

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