Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I know that search engines use variations of words and closest to the word and other ways of looking for what I might type in to try to get to the closest thing I may be looking for.

Well, long story short, sometimes I tell people that if they google "Lola Sez" instead of trying to remember the blogspot address you will get a link to the 2 or 3 most recent posts. And can go on from there.

So when I heard about Microsoft's new service in competition with Google I thought I would check it out.

You can imagine my surprise when the first page of entries all had Lola associated with sex (I can see the similarity in spelling) but when there is an exact match, I can't imagine why they would post the "close" one at the top and maybe or maybe not, I didn't go past the first page, they would post an "exact" match.

I went to their website and there is no way to contact them, so I'm telling you instead.

Just a warning--I'm sticking with Google and now I need to find out how I can get bing.com off my toolbar. One hour later-called Comcast and Sparkle walked me through going to the Control Panel, clicking on Add/Remove then scrolling until I found the Microsoft butterfly with toolbar and removed it!

See ya

God bless......

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