Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ever Hear a Politician Promise to be Brief?

That's really a joke in most cases and although I'm not a true politician you must be aware that it takes up a disproportionate share of my time. However, tonight it will be brief-

Going to a "going away-good luck" cook-out for the Doctor/Captain Air Force Grandson leaving next week for 2 years in Germany. Just finished cooking one of his favorites and it's one of those labor intensive recipes that is not written down but came down through the family. This is the one who went through the G-Force experience I told you about a few weeks ago. He brought home a video of the event which was quite an eye opener, especially when he "came to" after passing out.

Just a couple of passing thoughts--

We talked about Obama the Liar recently and one example came across my desk Friday-the one about never taking away our Second amendment rights. Something, like "I would never take away your gun rights." Well, it's in the process now, with Eric Holder leading the charge.

And now that Obama is responsible for the warranty on my GM car even though he says he really doesn't want to run car companies - what? It sure looked like he had a deal going with Fiat for some reason or other.

Now that he has said "If you like your private healthcare insurance, nothing will change." Well, folks, I'm thinking that would go down a lot better if he gave me a written guarantee and what do you think the chances are of that happening?

And last, the news today was all the time Iran. God bless 'em. Of course our President, having committed himself to a "talk" foreign policy, seems to be hedging his bets by more talk so that no matter who wins he will be on the side of the angels and can make nice with either one of them. All I can do is wonder if the Iranian youngsters were able to see democracy in action in Iraq and figure they wanted some of that. Thank you George W.

See you after the party tomorrow--

God Bless..............

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