Sunday, June 28, 2009

Right Wing Group Helping Marty Griffin

There's an ultra right wing bunch who appear to be suicidal or else they just don'e care. They have a forgettable name, but their main purpose is to elect Marty Griffin by saying that Mike Nofs isn't conservative enough and are apparently knocking on doors to try to defeat him.

I understand that this group was also in charge of some of the Tea Parties held earlier in the year and we need to be aware of them so we don't show them any support. They are really Democrats in disguise or are showing their hands slowly so they chip away at Independents who will go Democrat with very little push.

As soon as I run across their name again I'll post it so we can all avoid them like the plague. Guess what? I "ran across" the name in the comment section when a reader was kind enough to take time to tell us the name is "New Patriot Revolution."
So write a letter to the paper or call a show to remind folks what this group is really up to.

God bless..............

ps-Just heard that the Supreme Court reversed the decision regarding the firefighters who, and I didn't know this, have been taking turns or rotating through their ranks being "boss for a day or week or whatever." That had to be really great for not only morale but efficiency. And who sent that decision to the Supremes? None other than SOTOMAYOR!


Anonymous said...

It's the New Patriot Revolution. A gal by the name of Wendy Day has been speaking for the group. Does anyone know anything about her?

Mark Brewer said on To The Point today that the 19th is a key target for them this year and that it's important for Dems to take control next year so they can be in charge of a "fair" redistricting process. Yeah, I couldn't stop laughing either!

Anonymous said...

I just looked at their website:

They sure do look like the make sense to me. Why should we not support them?