Friday, June 19, 2009

Do You Ever Wonder Why?

Why the spokesperson the Obama team sends to a hearing on healthy lifestyles has to weigh oh, say in the neighborhood of 200 pounds? Uh, pot calling kettle!

Why would a 10 cent tax on soda or sugary drinks also be levied on diet soda/pop.

Why Obama would attend a Hispanic Prayer Breakfast, but made excuses not to attend the traditional service?

Why it is such a "security nightmare" for the Obamas to attend a church when as far as I know every President until now has seemed to surmount that problem. Maybe it's the celebrity status......

Why, if it truly presents a problem for the spiritual life of any church in Washington, isn't there an arrangement made for private prayer services in the White House? And if they think they would be criticized for being "exclusive" they could invite certain groups to join them.

Why, if they have truly taken some of the questionable projects out of the stimulus package, don't they share with us that list instead of the usual "trust me" attitude.

Why were we treated to the mantra of a new administration practicing reliability and transparency and we have anything but.

Big day tomorrow-Republican State committee meeting so as usual,
Sleep well.
God bless...........


The Wolverine said...

ever wonder why Amy Carter, Chelsea Clinton and the Obama girls are off limits but the Palin daughters have a bull's eye on them?

Anonymous said...

ever wonder why the GOP is ramming Mike Nofs down our throat?

Why did our local party endorse this guy? I am getting concerned about Nofs. Do we have another option?

wyanod said...

I agree with what you said about Mr. Pitt's 'Pittiful' article about "Gop a Blind Rac." I mean nothing negative stated at all about his own party and everything stated about the GOP. Give me a break, no one is perfect least of all the left. wrote a great peice like you did Lola, please if you would, check it out and see what that blogger said also about Mr. Pitt's. You both did a great job. Post a comment to the question, "Are You a 'Bigot' or a 'Dumbacrat?" Please, I would love to know what you and your readers thought about that post and answer the question. Thank You.