Thursday, June 18, 2009


I'm told that only 25% of the MDs even belong to the AMA and hardly any of the surgeons, so if they really booed him about the malpractice issue it doesn't make a lot of sense to be stroking the only part of the medical profession which would have a disproportionately low number of malpractice cases. Surgeons have a very high percentage of malpractice suits--it's logical since it's easier to pinpoint "blame."

In the 24 hours since that speech to the Docs there has been a never ending stream of news items in all branches of the media describing the various angles of disagreement with the "plan." I'm thinking it may not be too late to have some influence on the outcome.

If all of us, including those who have Democrat representation in Washington, were to pick out the one issue that is at the top of our personal list of disagreement and write to them about it, they might get the message. After all, all those House guys and women have to run again next year.

Now Debbie and Carl are a different matter, but if we put it to them as though we will not forget this issue, and IT CAN ONLY GET WORSE their own re-elections may be in jeopardy. This probably becomes a moot point since Debbie may feel forced out if Jennifer really wants that job and somehow I just don't think "old" Carl will run for another term. You gotta wonder what he is really looking at as he peers over those glasses.

Obama's plan to reform healthcare really should be at the top of our priority list of Things to Defeat because not only might it bankrupt the system it doesn't even have a snowball's chance of being successful.

Think about this: if it weren't for Fox News we wouldn't have any source at all in the major media of getting real facts, the other side of the story, or certain information would not be available at all. I realize there are some dependable Internet sources, but most are still in a developmental stage and haven't been around long enough to have historical credibility. I hope someone with the resources to tabulate and publish statistical proofs is working on it as we speak.

Another day gone, just one more day until the Republicans hold their first State Committee meeting with all that entails. Hopefully we'll have something to report.

God bless...........

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Bruce Barlond said...

Obama Chief Of Staff Rahm Emanuel spoke of “Crisis” like what we face today when he said recently, "Rule one: Never allow a crisis to go to waste. ... They are opportunities to do big things." Every new day brings another “crises” that must be taken care of immediately! It seems as though the Democrats come up with a new Crisis every day! In fact, if Democrats don’t have a real crisis they make one up! This new Democrat (Crisis!) is a power grab directed at our health insurance coverage and increased tax money.
Who do these Democrats think they are dealing with anyway, other Democrats?
Democrats say that there are 48 or so million Americans without healthcare in the United States.
According to National Review Institute:
16.9% or 8.11 Million Americans used Medicaid but said they were uninsured.
These folks are in fact insured under Medicaid.
3.89 Million more folks are eligible for Medicaid but haven’t signed up.
Well, let’s get them signed up for Medicaid.
9.0 Million have incomes over $75,000 but choose not to be insured.
These folks are choosing to spend their money on other things,
(Boats, vacations, vacation homes, whatever). Should the rest of
us be forced to pay for their insurance when they have the means
to pay for their own insurance?
30.0% or 14.4 Million have been uninsured less than 6 months. (Between jobs?)
GET JOBS and pay for their own insurance.
10.0 Million or more illegal immigrants are uninsured.
Illegal Immigrants are here illegally and should be deported.
This leaves 2.6 million Americans who can get health care at most any public hospital in the country! All they have to do is get to a hospital.
Question: The Democrats are demanding that we throw away our current health care system for the less than 1% of the population that may or may not want health insurance? What is going on here anyway?
America still has the best health care system in the world! Point in fact, where did Saudi King Abdullah go to get his heart worked on a few years ago? Well, the King went to The Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio of all places, right here in the good old USA! People from all over the world come to America for their health care every day!
Democrat President Obama, Democrat Congressman Schauer, Democrat Senators Levin and Stabenow are all working hard with other Democrats in Washington to drive the best health care the world has ever known to ruin. This group of Democrats and most of the other Democrat Senators and Congressmen around the country have never run anything in their lives and yet they think they can run our healthcare system? What are these Democrats going to do with this (Crisis?) anyway?
My prediction is that Democrats are going to try to dump this thing on America while Americans are distracted by some other “Crises” somewhere (Swine Flu, Torture Charges, Korean Missles, Iran, who knows what “Crises” is next?). Then, the Democrats will ram this health care thing through quickly with very little, or no, public debate.
Why, you ask?
Democrats want higher taxes, more regulation, more dependency and more illiteracy because those things breed less individual freedom, less prosperity and more and more poverty which in turn brings about more dependence on bigger and bigger government, the Democrat kind of government. Government of, by and for the Democrats!
If we can stop this health care power grab now this “Crises” the Democrats created will “go to waste” and the Democrats will lose an “opportunity to do big things.” “Big things” being the Democrats creation of more power and influence over the American people!
If the worlds’ best health care is lost to us I doubt we will ever be able to get it back! Let's keep our insurance!

Respectfully submitted.
Bruce Barlond
Dimondale, MI