Thursday, June 25, 2009

Did anyone watch the ABC Infomercial last night?

Here it is approx 11 hours later and we have heard little about the infomercial. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that although I wasn't home for much of the day I did catch the fact that a couple of celebrities died and took all the oxygen out of the news hours. Having never held a show biz type as a "fan" it is difficult for me to relate to those who really hold icons such as Jackson and Fawcett in such high esteem. However, it's a sign of the times and important to their generations and for that reason my prayers are with you.


We hear so much about the media bias toward the left that with all the evidence it is hard to refute it. Starting with the Obama/Clinton race it was obvious that if we were to make a comparative list of experience in governing or education, etc. that Hillary Clinton would come out ahead in a double blind study. The difference?
The media had fallen in love with the idea of electing the first black over the first woman.

And, of course, in the general election it was no contest. The die was cast and Obama was the choice of the media. Now comes the hard part: was it accidentally or on purpose?

You've heard of price fixing among manufacturers. It's against the law. Can you just imagine, however, the Deans of Journalism schools at various universities deciding that it would be not only fun or amusing, but they could actually end up with a study which would prove the worth or influence that the media has on the outcome of elections. Do you suppose, as we speak, there are rooms full of students in front of computers crunching the numbers with all the variables to prove how very, very important they are? Wonder how long before one of them publishes the results.........

We have covered, albeit in bits and pieces, some of the arguments against government controlled medical care. We'll try to put it together next week. In the meantime do you have any questions or subjects you'd like me to cover in interviews with candidates for Attorney General? I need all the help I can get.

Sleep well-
God bless..........

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