Wednesday, June 24, 2009

From the Jackson Citizen Patriot newspaper: Under the Byline of Leonard Pitts- "GOP, bigotry go hand in hand"

When I saw this in my local newspaper this evening, I penned the following letter to the editor:

Tonight we have two choices: 1-write a terse note cancelling our 33 year subscription to the Cit Pat or 2-explain why and then wait a reasonable time before going with #1.

Leonard Pitts has to be one of the most vile, vicious, vitriolic writers walking the planet. If we thought for one minute that he were representative of the thinking of most African American citizens, we would despair of much of what makes this country great and just plain give up on the future.

Neither of us has ever met or associated with anyone who remotely resembles what that man stands for. He is as biased as any of the people he despises--perhaps more so. Anyone who writes with such hate must have curried this attitude throughout a lifetime and the only thing that will help him out of his miasma of misery are the prayers of those who know him and care about him. Love your enemies, right?

Some twenty years ago in the mid-eighties when the Jackson GOP was fortunate in having James Meredith as our Lincoln Day speaker he shared this: the modern day Black voter has traded his ancestor's plantation master for the Democrat party. That might have more to do with voting patterns than Mr. Pitts' opinion.

On a personal level I can say that I probably put in more time as a member of the NAACP than 99% of the black community. Yes, there is still discrimination and we need to fight it wherever we find it, but Mr. Pitts' cohorts who foster bigotry of blacks toward others can see no way out. You see, he doesn't want to be standing alone in his hate.

The Cit Pat is long overdue in giving its readers an opportunity to vote on their favorite comics, news types and columnists. Oh, for the days of William Raspberry who certainly accomplished much more with wine than Pitts' vinegar.

We'll wait a few weeks to see what happens here.

Signed by me and my husband. If you're curious about the article, I guess you can find it online. As for me, I like to hold my newspaper.

That's it for tonight.

God bless..............


Bruce Barlond said...

Lola, it was my pleasure meeting you last Thursday. My suggestion would be to write a letter to the editor and to the Pitts syndicator listing what the Republicans have done historically for race relations. You have the lists of firsts by minorities running for and winning public office as Republicans and please also mention that a Republican President went to war over slavery. It was in fact Republicans in the Congress and Senate of the United States who stood behind Democrat President Lyndon Baines Johnson to get the Civil Rights legislation passed in the 60"s when Democrats were on the side of bigotry and segregation. I believe that Democrat Robert Byrd was a high member of the Klu Klux Klan at that time. I believe it was future Democrat President Bill Clinton who was at the knee of his mentor and idol Democrat Senator William Fulbright, an avowed segregationist who voted against the desegregation that the Republicans voted yes on. Just who are the historic racists here anyway? Just my humble thoughts on this issue. If you wouldn't mind please publish your list of firsts for our use when this comes up in the future so we can all use it against the race baiters. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I liked the Pitts article. I don't like your writing though.