Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hope You Fathers had a Happy Father's Day!

A lot of the talk shows lately have been discussing the huge amount of press the Obamas have been receiving and the conclusions drawn appear to be that the American public is so enamored of them that all of the network radio and television stations can't seem to put on enough hours from the White House, etc. due to "public demand."
Print media is just as bad. After all, Obama himself noted that all of the press voted for him. Newsweek has had him on the cover 19 times in less than a year?

Let me draw an analogy. Some years ago as you will recall, there was a "slow chase" by the police of the guy who was driving O. J. Simpson in a white van on a California freeway. I think the top speed was something like 40-45 mph and the "chase" lasted about 3 hours.

I can remember clicking through all the channels on the TV to get something else, but there was absolutely nothing else playing. At which time I turned it off. So don't tell me that over 90% of the public wanted to watch that chase because of all the televisions turned on THAT WAS ALL THAT WAS AVAILABLE!!! There was no other choice.

I was thinking about that for the last couple of days when Fox had all Iran news all the time. We tuned in for a few minutes here and there, but I'll bet their story is that of course they gave it 100% coverage because that was what their public demanded. I can live with that decision due to the seriousness of the story.

However, given the choices between what other stations may have been running I have a feeling, since I probably spent less than 2 hours yesterday and today combined and can't prove it, the other stations were undoubtedly airing their usual programming which probably had a lot more of the White House and Washington than they did of what is happening in the Mideast which could lead the world to all kinds of violence, bloodshed and upheaval.

Will leave you tonight with the usual blessing and a prayer for a positive outcome for the protests in Iran.

ps-Thanks so much to Bruce B for taking the time and making the effort to give us the detailed information he posted on June 19.

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