Thursday, June 11, 2009

Let's De-centralize the U. S. Government!!

First off, I need to give credit where credit is due. My brother-in-law and wife are visiting and of course we have exhausted political conversational topics for the day. Cliff has come up with an idea that I wonder if its time has come:

Keep the Presidency and Congress and maybe the Supreme Court in Washington, D. C. Move everything else to an appropriate area of the country such as the Department of Agriculture in Des Moines.

This would accomplish two very important issues facing the country today. 1) It would remove Washington as a target for an attack that could bring the country to a standstill and 2) It would give an economic boost to wherever the agencies move.

If we look at the statistics re unemployment, we are sure to find that Washington, D.C. has a very low unemployment rate. That when the rest of the country is suffering from any economic downturn Washington just goes merrily along and in fact probably gains jobs because the government has an excuse to hire more people to administer the "necessary programs" to deal with the crisis. Remember, Rahm Emanuel says we should ever let a crisis go to waste.

Just think how many jobs have been created in less than 5 months of Obama's administration to staff the new 15 czars alone. They all need staff and office space and furniture and computers and telephone systems and the myriad of other necessities of opening an office.

Then add to that they need to move to DC if they aren't already here and their wives and children will need new clothes and furniture to fit into DC society. And the private schools will need to hire a few extra teachers or aides plus chauffeurs and caterers and all the other things Washingtonians just can't do without.

We could put the FBI in Houston, the CIA in Chicago, the EPA in Minneapolis, the Department of Transportation in Detroit, the Department of Interior in Omaha or Kansas City, the Department of Commerce in Nevada, the Department of Labor in Ohio, the Department of Defense in New Orleans, the Department of Treasury in Fort Knox, well, you can see where we're going with this. (Don't put all the blame on my brother-in-law, I made up a bunch of this stuff myself.)

But, you know, if you look at this with an open mind, it's not really such a bad idea. Think of all the arts and educational facilities that could be housed in some of those buildings in Washington. Wouldn't the Pentagon make a beautiful museum?

This could add a whole new meaning to the President's concept of redistribution of wealth. Just think what he could come up with.

It's time for a break. Rest well--
God bless............

Added Friday morning-
You just have to click on "Right Michigan" on the link list. An excellent article on solar power!! (Hopefully this weekend I can put on links to other blogs I follow. This came from the

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