Friday, April 9, 2010

Bart Stupak-Proof He Never Intended to Stand Up For Life

When he showed his brochure from his very first campaign and admitted that his sole purpose through all these years was to vote in a health care bill it was the final straw on the back of that little burro hauling BS around all these years. It was all for show - he never intended to go the distance for his pro life constituents. What a con job.

The other news of the day, of course, had to do with Justice Stevens' resignation. This may be very interesting since the President said he is mostly concerned how a judge tailors his judgments on how the end result, or the Constitution, will affect the citizenry.

This is doubly interesting since his health care bill is so detrimental not only to present taxpayers, but future generations as far as the eye can see. Wonder how that will play out. And he will certainly need to think about his abortion rights base along with the possibility of damage to his majorities in Congress. For anyone else I'd say he's between a rock and a hard place, but this guy always seems to be able to double talk his way out of tight places.

However, now that everyone is still talking jobs and his commission is talking higher taxes, maybe folks will start to realize how we have been taken so far.

A little chilly this weekend-
God bless.........

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