Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Schauer "Name Calling"

We need to go back to the Friday before Easter and the Monday after. Preface with the fact that we have drawn some inferences when talking about the possibility of locating people through micro chips and how the first step might be considered a matter of public safety and being able to follow parolees, rich kids and people who might want protection regarding kidnapping, etc. Thinking about the liberal types who believe we should all have universal ID cards makes one wonder if some day the entire population might be traceable through microchips. Remember me theorizing about that?

Well, someone in Schauer's office must be assigned to read the blog because on the Friday before Easter during his interview he brought it up and his remark was "That's just crazy!" He apparently had referred to me as the person responsible. Of course the pick up from my friends was that he had called me crazy and I guess it's not far fetched to reach that conclusion. They all said his remark was disparaging or denigrating so he got the effect he was after.

That said, when I am writing something that I think might be quoted I am very careful to save my resource material for 6 months in case there might be a challenge. My usual sources are automotive trade magazines, the Wall Street Journal, Investor's Business Daily, AP pieces in newspapers, local reporters, TownHall and Washington Times on line. I have even called Schauer's office and spoken to a really sweet kid named Eddie for clarification of a position.

The Monday episode was one I've already written about. He called on me at the Senior Forum and when I asked him about the middle income tax increase he said I was wrong, he had read the bill and it wasn't in there. He tried to tell the entire audience that I was mistaken. By now we all know that he was in error.

So I'm thinking this way. Let Barak Obama get into tiffs with Sarah Palin. And we'll let Mark Shauer use me as his punching bag. I can take it.

As another local letter writer puts it: it is, after all just opinion, but I feel an obligation to let people know what facts lead to mine.

May is coming. Hang in there--
God bless...............

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