Thursday, April 22, 2010

True Story-Death Panel Can't Be Far Off

Just returned from the 7th District monthly meeting at which our Chair told the following story:

He and a friend, both of whom have back problems (friend's more serious so it is obvious) went to check out the Tea Party event on the University of Michigan campus last Thursday, April 15th. Nothing eventful happened such as fisticuffs or arguments which could have been considered violence of any sort.

As they were leaving, they happened to meet a couple walking toward them and if you know the UN Quad, the sidewalks are wide enough for four pedestrians abreast. When they were nearly side by side, Wyck heard the woman say to her boy friend, husband or significant other "When old people reach the age of 85 we should stop giving them any medical service; we should instead give the resources to three year olds."

Wyck spontaneously said "thank you" and her response to him was "well, it's our money." This out of the mouth of the generation who will be making the decisions regarding who sees a doctor and who doesn't. Certainly it was also the opinion of a Democrat. Which brings us to the bottom line: Isn't it supposed to be the Democrats who are all heart and compassion? That's the line they try to spin. Not so, not so.

There are some problems (and people) that can only be helped by prayer--
God bless........

PS--How do you not have an abortion litmus test but maintain the importance of women's rights-code word for abortion?

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