Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Let's Lock the Old Guys in a Room Until They Figure It Out!

As I recall we had 40 years of Democrat control of at least one and usually both houses of Congress. At the same time there was a Democrat President giving them complete control until 1994. Doesn't it make those years totally responsible for, if not, the total debt mess, at least the unfunded liability part of it that is coming from Social Security?

I'm talking like John Dingell, John Conyers, Carl Levin, and Bart Stupak to name a few from Michigan plus guys like Chuck Schumer, John McCain, Byrd, Durbin, Harry Reid, Boxer, Feinstein, and anyone else I can't remember just now. These are the thieves who stole the Social Security funds and substituted IOUs and are now trying to figure how they can cut the benefits.

I have a feeling many Republicans would have balked like Bunning, at least I hope so, every time they tried to spend someone else's money. The other thing I'm wondering is: would we even have a Social Security program had there been someone other than FDR in office and folks would have started taking care of themselves a long time ago. For those who are seniors today, however, it's too late to try to rectify the situation since through the years we lost the opportunity to be totally self sufficient and responsible for our own futures since the savings was taken by the government before we had a chance to decide what to do with it prudently.

This is certainly one of the best arguments for term limits around.

Did anyone notice that the Ecuador leader has pulled a Chavez maneuver and we now have another totalitarian state in South America? And did you notice at the same time that Barak sent a mid level diplomat to make nice with him? Before we know it the entirety of South America will be in a different category.

Keep watching, it's like a science fiction scary movie-
God bless............

ps-Bruce, thanks for checking the debt clock. I looked at it earlier today and couldn't believe it. What does it take to say something is growing exponentially? That unfunded liability number sure looks like it.

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